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Smartphone stand for office rebels, spare time troublemakers and weekday radicals

Munich, March 2016 - A new accessory for mobile devices and the next addition to the tm product range. The latest product is called Fingerthing – a holder for smartphones, pens, and pictures for your desk, shelf, or dresser. The provocative design lends wit and style to gray, everyday office life.

The Munich-based creative team at tm has been selling products with charm and function for 4 years. One example: the "fläzbag," a tablet pillow that looks like a monster. Users can use the product to read, surf, or watch movies comfortably on their couch or in bed without their arms falling asleep. It comes in a matching transport cage made of cardboard. The fläzbag is extremely popular on Facebook, YouTube, Amazon & Co. and is now sold all across Europe.

Now, the Bavarian company is launching another accessory promoting the digital lifestyle. This product is called Fingerthing, and combines practical use with a provocative design. It brings a splash of color to any desk or shelf. Fingerthing is an accessory for office rebels, spare time troublemakers and weekday radicals. It helps grounded people express their edgy side.

The silicon smartphone base features a practical cable duct underneath. Great for charging while watching clips or video chatting with your family. But the product isn't just great for tech nerds – it’s also useful for fans of classical physical interaction: it has an integrated holder for pens and serves as a support for pictures and postcards.
Fingerthing is available in two versions: F*finger and Rockfinger are each available in 4 colors for €15.90, in stores, from Amazon or on our online shop. More information at

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tm was established in Munich, Germany, by Simon Krebs and Thomas Kress in 2012. The Bavarian company develops, produces and markets practical, comical products for every situations. From gadgets and silly gift ideas for the office, to accessories for tablets and smartphones.

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