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Smartphone stand for office rebels, spare time troublemakers and weekday radicals

dock fingerthing fuck fuckfinger handy holder phone rockfinger silicone smartphone stand

Munich, March 2016 - A new accessory for mobile devices and the next addition to the tm product range. The latest product is called Fingerthing – a holder for smartphones, pens, and pictures for your desk, shelf, or dresser. The provocative design lends wit and style to gray, everyday office life.

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fläzbag tablet pillows in a minimalistic design

christmas colors giftidea ipad monster Press tabletpillow

Munich, October 2015 - A new, minimalistic design edition complements the collection of the fläzbag tablet cushions. fläzbag bold is the practical living accessory for style-conscious tablet users. In 3 distinct colors it perfectly integrates into the living area. The high-quality silicone print ensures even better support for the tablet.

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Beware the fläzbag

cushion design fläzbag Germany packaging Press press release tablet pillow

Munich, February 2015 - fläzbags will in the future be handed over to their new owners in sturdy boxes. Reason for the safety precaution are attacks on tablets that were reported by scared users. Fläzbags like to bite into (all types of) tablets, iPads and eReaders.

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Privacy gets sexy

black gift gift ideas notebook Press privacy red

Munich, July 2014 - With the MYSTERIOUS BOOKS of t&m the Bavarian company is launching a sustainable Privacy medium. The "little black" and "little red" protects personal secrets reliable agains access from the web and from prying eyes. It can be closed with a padlock. The notebooks is compatible with every drawer and fits under any mattress - an ideal medium for love affairs, important passwords, secret, delicious recipes or breakthrough inventions. The MYSTERIOUS RED BOOK and MYSTERIOUS BLACK BOOK is available now at selected retailers and in the onlineshop under for € 12.60.

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A "Herrensackerl" for all reasons

70s herrensackerl Munich panties pen case pencil case Press retro style toilet bag underpants

Munich, March 2014 - Being laughed at, despised, forgotten - the fate of the white fine rip underpants is not nice. Completely wrong! As the 'love killer' called German underpants looks not very sexy around the legs - it can be used for other things. So at least the Munich based company t&m thought and re-interpreted the classics. As 'Herrensackerl' the Retro-slip comes in mid of April as a practical and handy storage bag for all the odds and ends.

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