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For real office rebels

The weather is dull and the boss is constantly in a bad mood? Yes, a winter can be quite mean. While we can not shorten, but ensure for more humor and style in you gray office days! 

We are proud to present our latest product:


Fuckfinger - red silicone smartphone stand

For real office rebels

Show the world your edgy side! fingerthing is an accessory for office rebels, spare time troublemakers and weekday radicals. It comes in bright colors. F*finger and Rockfinger is made of 100% awesome silicone. That feels amazing and looks even more fantastic. Try it!

red, blue, green fingerthing smartphone stand

Not just for tech-nerds

Also for friends of the good old physical interaction F*finger and Rockfinger is a stunning accessory. It also has integrated a holder for pens. And it keeps your postcards and photographs in place as well - it provides style for your home and office!

carton packaging for silicone smartphone stand

Bring your mobile into position

fingerthing is an handy accessory for your desk, shelving and storage. You can use it as a stand for your smartphone. On the bottom is a duct for your phone cable. Great for charging, for video chatting and watching movies. In landscape mode it perfectly fits for smartphones / tablets up to 5.7 inch.

Cable duct  - Silicone dock for loading iPhone, Samsung galaxy, ...

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