For real office rebels

The weather is dull and the boss is constantly in a bad mood? Yes, a winter can be quite mean. While we can not shorten, but ensure for more humor and style in you gray office days!  We are proud to present our latest product: Fingerthing For real office rebels Show the world your edgy side! fingerthing is an accessory for office rebels, spare time troublemakers and weekday radicals. It comes in bright colors. F*finger and Rockfinger is made of 100% awesome silicone. That feels amazing and looks even more fantastic. Try it! Not just for tech-nerds Also for friends...

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The 2016 fläzbag collection

christmas fläzbag giftidea ipad monster news tabletpillow

We like to introduce our 2016 collection of the fläzbag, that will be available from November. With new materials, new designs and a new price.  A new, minimalistic design edition complements the popular fläzbags. fläzbag bold is the practical living accessory for style-conscious Tablet users. In 3 distinct colors it integrates perfectly into the living area. The endurable material offers a pleasant feel and high quality silicone print makes the tablet or ereader stand even better.  The popular monster-faced tablet pillows are available in 4 colors now: blue, red, green and black. They are produced from high-quality fabrics, too. So...

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Herrensackerl to go

Blog herrensackerl munich central station süddeutsche zeitung unikatautomat

Yeah!! Herrensackerl is promoted in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. A big thankyou to our friends of Unikatautomat (where you can buy the nice underpants). The machine stands in the Munich central station. Here is the online version.

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Here it's worth stopping by sometimes

austria Blog fläzbag herrensackerl lovers logbook Munich new dealers nuremberg switzerland t&m tablet pillow vienna zurich

We would like to introduce to you some gresat dealers in Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Here you can find an interesting range of lifestyle products, gifts and home accessoiries. Exceptional products that not everyone sells. And the best: now you get fläzbag, Herrensackerl, the Lovers Logbook & Co. also there! So when you come from Zurich, Munich, Nuremberg or Vienna - get in there: UNIQUM Bäckerstrasse 56 8004 Zurich Switzerland Gustl in Sport Schuster Rosenstrasse 1-5 80331 Munich Germany Unikatautomat in the main station Munich Bayerstraße 10a 80335 Munich Germany Roter Punkt Gleißbühlstraße 11 90402 Nuremberg Germany Répertoire Otto-Bauer-Gasse 9 1060 Vienna Austria MAK Designshop Stubenring...

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Last week at t&m

Blog fläzbag herrensackerl last week news tip t&m

Hi guys, we have again a tumultous week behind us. Here is an excerpt: We... Sent out a news tip for the fläzbag, ordered new packagings for the Herrensackerl, got 2 new retailers selling our products, made fotos from the fläzbag in jail, made preparations for Trade Mart Utrecht and Stijl Designmarkt negotiated with suppliers because of the new edition of the Amazing Paper Sleeves and wrote and answered 253 emails I would say we deserve the weekend! See you soon, Simon from t&m

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